Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Purchase" of the land in Tanzania

I just wanted to share the latest news we have from Tanzania.

As you may remember, the governor of the Mwanza district gifted 30 acres of land to End Time Glory Ministries last fall. It is a law in Tanzania that when taking ownership of property, if there are any squatters they must be paid off. In the Tanzanian culture there are very few people who actually own land. Most people find a place they like and they build their home. It is typical in the culture to be living on land you do not own. Tanzanian law states that squatters must be paid at the rate of $1000US per acre. Several months ago, Pastor Richard, a native Tanzanian, was able to convince the government to accept $500 per acre. As of last week, the money was over in Mwanza and Pastor Richard was in process of paying the people on the land. The plan was to have that done last week and to have the surveying done this week.

Engineering Ministries International has agreed to work with End Time Glory to engineer and develop the property. This is great news! They will travel to the property in either February or June of next year to help design the buildings and projects to best fit the property and the culture. We are all very excited about EMI's willingness to join with us in our efforts to help the widows and orphans of the Mwanza area.

What does this mean for our family? Well, End Time Glory Ministries would like our family in Tanzania when the building starts. Depending on when EMI visits the land and then their time frame of finishing the plans we would likely try to be over there in late 2009 or early 2010. Realistically, Shannon and I know that the whole process may take longer, especially when we still need to raise our monthly support. Shannon will likely be traveling to the land at the same time that EMI is over there as well-so likely in Feb or June.

Please keep this process in your prayers. We all want God's will for this entire project and His timing.

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Qtpies7 said...

Wow! I can't believe it is finally getting close!
How are things going on the homefront?
I got to visit with Aunt Karen recently, she actually came here for Drew's grad party! I didn't expect that, but it was nice that they came.