Sunday, August 03, 2008

Life's been busy

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. Life's been busy. Right after my last blog post we went into a 3 day glory conference with End Time Glory Ministries. It was a great weekend with a lot of praise and worship and teaching. We were able to see many friends from the ministry including Pastor Pierre from Haiti and Pastor James from Uganda, both of whom Shannon knew from former missions trips.

Then last Sunday I had a pretty bad car accident. Collin and I were in the van and a young girl was in the car we had the collision with. We won't talk about whose fault it was(mine) but let's just say I am driving more carefully now. Our van ended up being T-boned by her car which was moving around 55MPH at the time. Fortunately her car hit our front driver's side wheel and engine compartment rather than my door. I came out with a swollen black eye and some left side bruising, shoulder, back and neck pain. Collin seems to be ok after a couple of sore days and the girl went face first into her air bag...a very good thing. Both her car and our van were totaled out by insurance so Shannon and I have spent the last week car shopping. We have spent several days and many miles traveling from here to St. Cloud, Princeton(sorry we didn't stop by Lisa, we were in a huge hurry), the Twin Cities and the suburbs plus more. In the end, we bought a car locally. I'll share more on that story maybe later.

Then we can add in Molly's 12th birthday, Happy Birthday Molly!, and party and work, well, it's been crazy.

I've had a couple of blog posts swimming through my head for awhile now and hope to get them written soon. Bear with me, this is my busy week for one of my jobs and next week is crazy with both jobs but I'll try to get them done soon.

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